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With 13 years of experience and know-how, working in the telecommunications market and providing services in all regions of Brazil and abroad, Telmax Soluções em Tecnologia LTDA has administrative and operational facilities in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, always offering solutions and adapting the provision of services to the needs of its clients, in a practical and dynamic way.

Performing test on mobile devices throughout national territory, Latin America and also Europe.

Providing telecommunication services for 13 years in the national and international market, testing GSM, WCDMA and LTE mobile terminals.

TELMAX, operating in a high technology market, wishes to offer excellence in the provision of telecommunication services to obtain the satisfaction of its clients, following the evolution of the market, meeting the applicable requirements and having the commitment to continuously improve its Management System of Quality.

Principles: Customer Focus, Leadership, Team Engagement, Process Approach, Continuous Improvement, Evidence-Based Decision Making, and Relationship Management.

Cássius Rodrigues