Telmax has a team of experienced professionals, made up of engineers and technicians, with knowledge in cellular systems, 3GPP standards and procedures and standards related to operators.

It is an institution that keeps its employees in constant training, always focusing on technological innovations and seeking to obtain more and more quality in the execution of its activities.

Our teams are advised by their respective coordinators, who in turn interface with the client, compiling all the work done daily in reports and systems, to ensure excellence in the completion of activities.

We have the facility to adapt to the different cultures and requirements of our clients, this being a differential that refers to the many partners won in all these years of operation.

With a solid structure capable of growing globally, Telmax is available for new partnerships, as well as working to expand existing ones.


With more than a decade performing tests in the segment

  • 1999 - Start up

    A Telmax Soluções em Tecnologia was incorporated in September 1999, in the city of Volta Redonda / RJ, operating in the South Fluminense region and with Companhia Siderúrgica Nacional (CSN) as its main customer.
  • 2003 - São Paulo Site

    In mid-2003 Telmax expanded its operation to São Paulo, starting its partnership with Motorola Industrial LTDA. This relationship has made the institution specialize in its main product of performance.
  • 2005 - New Partnerships

    The growing demand for terminal testing, before its commercialization, brings Telmax closer to two major partnerships: Samsung and Huawei.

    Other major customers also contributed to the company’s development, such as Kyocera, Palm One, Simm do Brasil, Vitelcom, Audiovox and ZTE.

  • 2006 - Minas Gerais State

    Following the growing number of partnerships with manufacturers, Telmax is advancing the homologation sector and winning its partnership with CTBC MNO in Uberlândia.
  • 2007 - ISO Standardization

    With the objective of improving and differentiating the quality of service rendering to Customers, in 2007, Telmax obtained ISO 9001-2008 standardization certificate, respecting its international standards
  • 2008 - New Technologies

    With the advent of technologies, UMTS and WCDMA, Telmax expanded and, in 2008, gained the partnership with Claro MNO, making the homologations of each portfolio in different locations and network infrastructures.
  • 2010 - Research and Development

    Seeking the improvement in the provision of services to Customers, in 2010, the IT Group itself was created to develop new projects focused on mobile telephony.

    In the same year, new partnerships were signed with Nextel, Mediatek and Gemalto. A year later, activities began with Motorola Solutions.

  • 2012 - New Partnerships

    The year 2012 was marked by the start of activities with two major MNO, Embratel and Porto Conecta, as well as two major manufacturers: Multilaser and D-Link.
  • 2013 - New Partnerships

    In 2013 activities began with Philco, Morpho, Nokia / Microsoft and Britânia.
  • 2014 - Latin America

    With all the experience gathered and the technological advance of the LTE in 2014, the partnership with the TAD UK Company was started, expanding internationally to Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru and Mexico.
  • 2015 - New Partnerships

    This year Telmax started its partnerships with Xiaomi, Incard, Telsec, Brightstar and GVT clients.
  • 2016 - New Segment in Partnerships

    2016, Telmax started new partnerships with iRT, Sierra Wireless e Elsys.
  • 2017 - Europe

    This year Telmax, through its partnership with TaD, expands its operation to Europe and starts operations in the UK.

Mission, Vision and Values


Excellence in providing services to customers and to provide adequate conditions for employees to achieve their goals efficiently.


The only way to increase our customer base is to continually exceed their expectations.


Human being, ethics, transparency and continuously evolution.

Quality Policy

ISO 2015 Standardization: ISO 9001 - 2015 - Since 27/09/2007

Telmax, operating in a high technology market, wishes to offer excellence in the provision of telecommunication services to obtain the satisfaction of its clients, following the evolution of the market, meeting the applicable requirements and having the commitment to continuously improve its Management System of Quality.