MNO Homologation

Claro’s official representative for approvals of cell phones, tablets, modems, routers, IoT and SIM Cards, in technologies: GSM, UMTS and LTE.

Test Book

Test books Development / improvement, based on the requirements and requisitions made by the client and considering all the current technical norms and standards.

POS Tests

Accurately tests, analyzes, and reports behavior observed during POS purchase simulations as well as in virtual payment applications.

Pre Certification

Submit devices to the  MNO’s tests before their official lab and field tests among different MNOs.

Dev Tests

From the very beginning, since lab tests, through field tests and at the end, partnering with MNO, checking its results.

CPE Equipments

Since 2006, Telmax has been acting as the official representative of the MNO CTBC, through the homologation processes of CPE equipment in NGN and Azzu.

Route Analysis

Elaborate and validate routes, through which test scenarios are established and the devices are exposed to real situations at the network and user levels.

SIM Card

Certify that the technical features and functionalities achieve MNO and Manufacture’s specifications and requirements.

Alcatel D-Link Huawei Motorola-Lenovo Rede Sierra Wireless Xiaomi
Brighstar Gemalto Ituran Multilaser Samsung ZTE

A Telmax é uma instituição que atua, tendo como base os processos de “Homologação” e “Pré-Homologação”, junto a diversas operadoras de telefonia nacionais e internacionais. São elas:

Claro/Embratel: Pré-Homologação e Homologação
CTBC: Pré-Homologação e Homologação
TIM / VIVO / Oi / NEXTEL / Porto Conecta: Pré-Homologação

AT&T (Iusacell/Nextel) / Avantel / Claro/ Entel / Movistar / Personal / Telcel / Tigo / WOM : Pré-Homologação

Mediatek Qualcomm
Incard G&D Buriti Gemalto Morpho Oberthur South America Valid


Always seeking excellence and offering the best to its clients, Telmax has a solid and structured base, that is, its team of professionals. With a team made up of technicians and engineers, this company always pursues the future, anticipating and preparing its for any innovation that may arise and continuously adapting to the national and international markets.


Always applying qualified and revolutionary procedures, Telmax keeps its teams up to date with available tools for testing and data collecting used by our customers. They are: QXDM, QCAT, QPST, Mobile Analyzer, AP Logs (ADB), IP Logs (TCP DUMP), Catcher, ELT, HyperTerminal, WireShark, SMS Now, BMTT, ACAT, Logel, NTrace, ODIN, Shannon, etc.


Focusing on its objectives and principles, Telmax is an institution that has a management system totally focused on the continuous evolution of its processes and employees, a quality customer service, which guarantees an excellent infrastructure for the execution of the projects, and an active and leading team.


Throughout its 13 years, Telmax has expanded its operation and currently has its own structure in the main capitals of the country and, through its partnership with TaD, is present in several countries in Latin America and Europe.

Belém, Belo Horizonte, Brasília, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo e Uberlândia.

Argentina (Buenos Aires), Chile (Santiago), Colômbia (Bogotá), Mexico (Cidade do Mexico), Peru (Lima)

Germany (Berlin), Spain (Madri), Italy (Roma), France (Paris) e UK (Londres)